Researchers at Phoenix Robotics LLC are distinguished for their adoption and advancement of methodology relevant to:

  - Business data analytics
  - Deep neural networks
  - Evolutionary algorithms
  - Machine learning
  - Machine vision
  - Natural language processing
  - Signal processing

Our expertise is available to help individuals and organizations solve complex problems. However, unlike many other consulting services, our focus is to help partners grow by helping them cultivate their own in-house capabilities.

Rather than having partners outsource individual project work to us, we help them build their own team to provide a sustainable competitive advantage. This encompasses various facets of business functions, such as talent recruitment, developing effective workflows, having the right management culture, setting correct expectations, and adopting an analytical mindset. We believe doing these types of projects right takes a lot more than paying a consulting firm to generate some spreadsheet or one-off solution for you.

We can provide greater value by working with partners to help them develop their own capabilities to sustainably incorporate artificial intelligence and/or robotics within their regular business functions. Please feel welcome to contact us and explore how we may be of help to you.